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Et voila.. blossoms everywhere, freshness and perfume are the perfect elements of a spring journey outdoor. And which  better landscape for showing you this brand new casual outfit? An army "salopette" by Outfit and the handmade bag Mata Design seem the ideal purses for these amazing days. It's all about blurbs printed in gold, studs and, of course, army....!


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Ok. Now we definetely can say it: "SUMMER IS COMING!". I'm so excited If I think that in 2 months I'll be chilling on the beach! This is one of my 3 Haber & Coast bikinis that  Nuova Incotonè gave to me. Soon I'll post the others but now I want to show you this beautiful and fruity one. If you're tired of the same boring beachwear I recommend to try this new style of "rocking on the beach" and you'll never be disappointed! How to buy them? Go on  , choose your favourite and purchase it! I seriously can't wait to show you the rest of my amazing purses but, dear readers, you have to wait! Enjoy your spring and dream about the imminent, magic 2016 summer! 


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Elegance, mistery. It's time to act and show your true beauty. Free yourself from stereotypes, be yourself and nobody else! Discover the beauty of beeing just who you are and wearing what you love, in every occasion. Here I am in a ruined and forsaken place in a little black dress. My message of the day is: don't just wear for the occasion but have the courage to wear something that really expresses the "real you". The result will be great! Infact the genius and beauty  of fashion consist in creating something different mixing up lots of genres. In this way you'll simply be uniques! In this case I dared accosting an elegant look to a crazy (but glamourous) hairstyle: the "cornrow" by  Mimì Colonna in order to create a strange opposition between the "Feleppa" dress by  Marika Costantino and my head! 











Dress: "Feleppa" by Marika Costantino

Shoes: Zara 

Hair-style: Mimì Colonna




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