That's my "Elisabetta Franchi" fashion show adventure. For the very first time I took part of a "fashion week" and I'm really glad to share this wonderful experience with you.

It was a boring morning when an "Instagram" direct message from Elisabetta Franchi made me go mad! I was officially invited to her fashion show in MILAN the 26th of february. My heart didn't stop beating as a crazy ball and I began jumping around the office at work. My efforts and hard work for this blog finally had a result! A flight, a rapid organization and a sleepless night after I was just there...in my natural environment: The Milan Fashion week! When in the location I'd been ravished by the so fashion and charming atmosphere around there. There were beautiful women, wonderful dresses, everything was such a word: BEAUTY! Popular people everywhere, soft music and lots of photographers made me feel so in love with that world. At a certain point the show began and the models showed up the spectacular '16 spring/summer collection of the brand. Orange and purple, Gold and blue, the most used colours by the stylist. Fringes, stripes jackets and high knee boots are the new "musts" she launched.








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