Et voila.. blossoms everywhere, freshness and perfume are the perfect elements of a spring journey outdoor. And which  better landscape for showing you this brand new casual outfit? An army "salopette" by Outfit and the handmade bag Mata Design seem the ideal purses for these amazing days. It's all about blurbs printed in gold, studs and, of course, army....!

 I already wrote about Outfit in an old post, it's a magic sort of e-commerce in which you find thousands of sophisticated and really cheap clothes... check out its page and you'll fall in love. But the real new element in this article is this bag. Mata design  is a new brand of handmade bags... every piece is unique and different. So if you're bored of the same old bags that every girl could wear, this is the right tip for you! In the next days I'll post other looks matched with this fabulous bags and, I promise, you'll love them all. 











Salopette: Outfit 

Top: Asos

Bag: Mata Design

Boots: Zara


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# GlassesShop Online StoreGlassesshop 2016-08-09 03:31
You look, amazing, so elegant!

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