Hi Girls! It's the moment to talk about a big problem for us: how to wear hair in autumn!  It's cold outside and humidity becomes a if I don't hide it under a vintage or gangster hat, I try to make them better in other ways. For example, I like so much the pony-tail! It's an ever-green hairstyle..really fascinating in all its shades and versatile for every look! Your eyes and face shape will be accentuated. An other "hair-mise" I love is the “chignon”, even if untidy, pinned at the neck with free hair on the forhead. You'll never be wrong in this way because it's an elegant "passe-partout". And what about the chignon "half & half"? It's a new trend and if matched with a casual-chic look it would be perfect! But if you don't have really long hair I don't recommend it. At the end... the timeless braid ! It's a must also in winter if worn with a foulard on the forhead or under a hat. Have a great hair-style! 


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