These are the words  that describe this immersion in a natural setting that releases at most a sense of freedom and happiness. Here we are in Manoppello, a small town near Pescara. Walking in search of interesting places we came across this natural theater that left us speechless. A sense of serenity immediately overwhelmed us and the magical sound of this natural waterfall ravished us. Then we realized that it could have been be the ideal backdrop for the "Collane lianas" and  "REINA & ROSES" shooting.




. "Collane Lianas" is a new brand conceived by my sister Liana, the creator of these beautiful necklaces that stand out for their unique and special features. Each necklace tells a different story, each one is able to embody a different style ... from “gypsy” to “chic”, from “vintage” to “ethnic”. The materials she uses are metal wires and decorations, embedded pearls,  tropical feathers, tulle and satin ... In short, any style you have, it’s easy to find the right one for you. ☺




You can find them on Collane Lianas.





"Reina & Roses" is a very particular brand. Its clothes, accessories, shoes and furniture items are born from the creativity of the artist Brigitte Fussy. She creates them getting inspiration by the music, sunsets, nature and, above all, to the island of Ibiza ... actually the crater of "good life"! You also can purchase these items online at the website:  Reina & Roses.




The way these two elements come together  create a stunning result ..

The dresses float in the air, their colors and soft tissues caresse the skin while necklaces highlight their beauty matching the dresses simplicity  with the sensuality of their forms and the vividness of their colors. The two looks appear as a mix of an ethnic touch and a vintage one.









Pink and turquoise dresses: REINA & ROSES




Vintage sunglasses: JEAN PICARD




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