Hello everybody! The days become more and more warming..I'm more busy and my mind flies away! Thinking about traveling is an obsession and suddenly I need to check some flies, trips evrywhere to book my next vacation! Feelings, new emotions, discovering who I really am are the next steps of my life and what can do it better than a trip? I define myself a wanderluster because staying too much in a place makes me feel upset, my soul everyday screams to me that I'm young, full of energies and I have to explore the world, imagining a new landscape to sane my mind and body from ordinary life. 

A big and precious inspiration came to me from "Eat, pray, Love". Since I watched the movie, I've never been the same! It made me think to all the possibilities all around the world to find myself losting at the same time in some, unknown place, knowing new persons, trying new things and tastes. Everyone needs it! Anyway... Traveling is nothing without the love for the nature and the environment. It's just for this reason that I choosed "New Life To Shopping" for this post. It has created a new vintage mood to responsably create fashion! How? It regenerates old clothes to create a new sort of vintage (with applications, cuts and every types of decorations). The final result is SO COOL...as you can see in these photos! This is just a preview of the entire project and I'll post other pictures wearing their amazing clothes! If you're astonished by them as I am...go on NLT shopping and buy everything you want! Remember that their purses are uniques, every piece is just one so..hurry up!  Kisses!  

















Hairstyle: Mimì Colonna 

Denim Jacket: NLT Shopping

Pants: NLT Shopping

Suitcases: NLT Shopping

Wedges: Princess



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